Free Pickup & Delivery for Rug Cleaning within 15-mile's radius
Free Pickup & Delivery for Rug Cleaning within 15-mile radius

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Fringe Repair and Fringe Replacement

Oriental rug repair, you can extend the life of old rugs and make them more attractive. One of the most important areas in which a repair or replacement program may be necessary, the fringes. This part serves as a protection for the entire body of the rug. A worn Fringe can accelerate the riverian breeds of rug. Fortunately there are simple ways to fix it.

The clip or bind the fringe of rug to secure the edges. This ensures that the chains in the stack of rugs do not lose as new fringe is connected.

It is a direct way to the replacement rug fringes. You can buy new fringe and sew the edge of the damage. Have not even cut the old strip away, just be sure not to use glue to attach the new edge.

This step applies if you have skills of weaving. Weaving a new strip can be difficult, but this may be the most stable and durable that you can take to the fixation of the rug. We will certainly look very good.

How To Oriental Rug Fringe Repair

It is normal for the authentic hand-made oriental rugs with fringes. These fringes are usually is an important part of the structure of the rug. If you have an expensive oriental rug handmade, the process of the repair the fringes is generally very long and costly than you need to hire a professional rug to fix the fringes for you. Although, it is the case, if this is the case if a cheap rug and basic sewing skills you can go and repair the rug.

You have probably a lot of invested in your oriental rugs and want to keep this investment. Fortunately The Rug Shopping have a solution for rug repaired by offering Oriental rug fringe repair and replacement. We can repair or replace we identified, frayed, damaged or colored fringe on your fine oriental rugs. The fringe replacement is the most common type of repair. The fringe must be replaced on your rug was ten or fifteen years or more often if it is damaged. The Rug Shopping to ensure that your rugs to look like new.

The Rug Shopping

company for full fashionable fringe the repair or replacement of your fine oriental, machine-made, hand knotted and area rugs in New Jersey & New York.


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