Free Pickup & Delivery for Rug Cleaning within 15-mile's radius
Free Pickup & Delivery for Rug Cleaning within 15-mile radius

Antique Rugs Cleaning in Allen

Welcome to Allen Antique Rugs Cleaning Services, where we understand the value and significance of your cherished antique rugs. With years of experience and a passion for preserving the beauty of these timeless pieces, we offer expert cleaning services tailored specifically for antique rugs. Located in Allen, we serve the local community with the utmost care and attention to detail.

For more than two decades, our talented cleaning experts have cleaned and repaired all types of rugs, including Antique rugs and other fine textiles. Our crews remove stubborn stains and unpleasant odors as well as perform routine cleanings for Oriental Rugs, Persian Rugs, Silk Rugs, and more. For additional information, call 732-313-0308 or click here. Our rug cleaning methods for Persian rugs are customized to meet the needs of each rug owner.

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 Why Choose Us?

Specialized Expertise

  • Cleaning antique rugs requires specialized knowledge and techniques to ensure their delicate fibers and intricate designs remain intact. Our team of experienced professionals is trained in the art of antique rug care, using gentle methods that respect the age and craftsmanship of each rug.

Gentle and Effective Cleaning

  • We understand the unique needs of antique rugs and treat them with the care and respect they deserve. Our cleaning process is gentle yet effective, removing dirt, dust, and stains while preserving the rug's colors and texture.

Customized Solutions

  • Every antique rug is unique, and we tailor our cleaning approach to suit the specific requirements of each rug. Whether it's a delicate silk Persian rug or a sturdy wool Oriental rug, we have the expertise to clean it safely and effectively.
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Our Antique Rug Cleaning Services Include:


  • Our hand-washing process allows us to carefully clean each rug without subjecting it to harsh chemicals or machinery. This meticulous approach ensures a thorough cleaning while protecting the rug's delicate fibers.

Stain Removal

  • Over time, antique rugs may accumulate stains from spills or foot traffic. Our stain removal experts use specialized techniques to lift even the toughest stains, restoring the rug's original beauty.

Odor Elimination

  • Unpleasant odors can detract from the beauty of your antique rug. Our odor elimination treatments target and neutralize odors, leaving your rug fresh and clean.

Restoration Services

  • If your antique rug has suffered damage or wear over the years, our restoration services can help bring it back to life. From repairing frayed edges to reweaving damaged areas, we have the skills and expertise to restore your rug to its former glory.
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Rely on Rugs Cleaning New Jersey for Antique Rugs Cleaning in Allen

The choice of cleaning methods, such as dry cleaning or low-moisture techniques, underscores the commitment to avoiding potential damage and maintaining the rug's original splendor. Pre-treatment of stains, gentle agitation, and precise extraction contribute to the overall effectiveness of the cleaning process.

Rugs Cleaning New Jersey stands out for its commitment to excellence. Utilizing a thorough 7-step rug cleaning process, our crews ensure that your Persian area rug is cleaned to your utmost satisfaction. We serve both residential and commercial clients and provide pick-up and delivery services for Persian rugs. When you require our assistance, contact us at 732-313-0308 or click here.


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